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A Night at the Opera

Performing Treemonisha is special for Opera NOVA. We are the first professional opera company condensing this opera for school children. We hope our selection of this opera will be picked up by other opera companies throughout the U.S. We plan to promote this through Opera Volunteers International (OVI), of which Opera NOVA is a member. We also see support of this opera as an opportunity to bring the community together and reflect the sophisticated view on race relations found in Arlington and its neighbors in all of Northern Virginia. Join us to honor the genius of Scott Joplin in creating the first truly American opera, which was cast aside for 65 years due to the accepted notion that a black man was not competent to compose an opera – only jazz and ragtime. We are told that Joplin worked 15 years to complete his opera in 1910. It was performed in full by the Houston Grand Opera in 1982. Today music pundits consider it a masterpiece.


 Robin Phillips opened her home to us for a benefit concert for Treemonisha.  We have an invitation pending to the recently confirmed Secretary of Education John King Jr., but you never know with these requests. Prayerfully, one of our letters will be taken serious for which it is and a member of Congress, the President or Vice President may attend one of its performances done by Opera NOVA.



If you  wish to send a donation, please click on the  icon and make a donation, or contact our office at (703) 536-7557.





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