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You can definitely make a difference!

Times have indeed changed. In recent years arts education budgets have dwindled, our citizenry demographics have changed, our senior community has expanded and as such, many new opportunities and needs have presented themselves. Opera NOVA works assiduously to fill these gaps and needs through professional productions of high-quality music performances that are not only enjoyable but also highly educational and life transforming. We believe that the arts can build, define and serve a community and are seeking ways to continue our valuable and necessary services.


Opera NOVA is an IRS 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Gifts may be tax-deductible. Opera NOVA relies purely on donations, sponsors, and membership fees to continue providing young people with these unique operatic experiences. We ask you to consider donating anything you can to support Opera NOVA. Your donations will continue to provide for the enrichment of children’s minds through the arts. 


You can mail your donation to:

Opera NOVA
PO Box 7057
Arlington, Virginia 22207

We would also like to invite corporate sponsors who may be willing to donate money to the arts. Please feel free to send any queries to the above address.


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