Instruments Needed!


WANTED: Instruments of any type or size, from piano to a piccolo. Requests have been received for (among other instruments) charangos (traditional guitar-like instruments from the Andean region of South America), mandolins, trombones, violins, and flutes. BANJOS espescially in need.  Opera NOVA needs banjos for an upcoming performance of Treemonisha.

Donating them to Opera NOVA, an IRS 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, will enable the donor to receive an appropriate tax acknowledgement. One of Opera NOVA’s duties to the community is collecting these donated instruments for local deserving schools. Donations help students enrich their lives with the joy of music.


Please contact Opera NOVA at (703) 536-7557 or by email at

Donating instruments help out tremendously in the community. It could be used to introduce a child to wonderful world of creating music. We have sent instruments as far as Haiti.


Here's a letter from one of our recipients of a donated instrument here in Arlington, VA:

Hi Miriam,

I finally got around to checking out the instrument that you left for me at Patrick Henry a few months ago. I was super excited to see that it is a small viola - not a violin!!!! It is rare that a viola gets donated - but to have one that is small enough for an elementary student to play is so exciting.

Thank you so much for all that you have done for our school!!! Your donation of this small student viola is much appreciated!!!


Estelle Roth

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