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Ms. Hartman is involved in numerous civic and volunteer organizations, including:


Meals on Wheels


The League of Women’s Voters


The Arlington County Civic Federations


The Woman’s Club of Arlington


Naval Order of the United States, National Capitol Commandery

Mileva Hartman

Mileva Hartman has been a resident of Arlington County Virginia for 32 years. She's retired twice, once as a Navy Captain, following several tours of active duty in the Pentagon, and more recently, as a Federal retiree from her position as IT Plans and Policy Officer from the National Science Foundation (NSF).


She and her family came to the area from Houston, TX in 1984, when she received Navy orders to the Pentagon.  She had joined the U.S. Navy upon graduation from college. Upon her initial duty in Norfolk, VA, she remained in the inactive Naval Reserve and held various civilian staff and management positions until her recall to Washington.


Upon release from that 13 years of service, she worked in IT management for Montgomery County government, Maryland and then NSF until her retirement.

She holds a B.A. degree from Ohio University, an M.S. degree from Texas A&M, completed the resident Executive National Security program at Harvard University, as a Navy Fellow, and the Johns Hopkins Leadership Institute Course.   


She is married to Richard Hartman; they have a grown daughter, Laura, of Los Angeles, California.  They live in the Lyon Village community.

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