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February 2020, Opera NOVA presented...

Monkey see, Monkey do

Local audiences thoroughly enjoyed recent performances of MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO!  This one-act bilingual opera was created for family audiences and is both a stirring musical and a visual treat.  Based on the universal tale of The Hat Seller and the Monkeys, 

the score blends elements of Mexican mariachi and traditional folk melodies with the contemporary style ofthe Texas composer, Robert Xavier Rodriguez.  The opera depicts a Mexican theme with arias and dances derived from Mexican folk melodies and the tradition of mariachi music.

Performances at:

Gunston MS

2700 South Lang ST

Arlington, VA 22202

School-day performances:

10 AM; Feb 4, 6, and 7.

Public Performance:

Saturday, Feb 11 AM

MSMD 2020 cast.jpg

The cast of MSMD 2020

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"Opera Nova gives real opportunities to local singers regardless of race or background. Opera has often been called an elitist art form and it is in this way - that those of all races bring their best and most disciplined gifts and talents to it. Opera is one of the culminations of Western artistic endeavor and it must be open to all. Opera Nova embodies that root and branch."  Michael Parker from Michael Parker Vocal Arts

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