Summer Program for Young Vocalists

Opera NOVA takes pride in stepping beyond the constraints of a non-profit and civic minded organization and into the scope of providing training and opportunities to many rising talents within the community.
There was no program in Virginia for young students of Opera music to explore and experience the world of opera behind the curtains. We recognized a void in our NOVA community for such a program, which will train the aspiring vocalists in the nuances of the professional skills.

It was the need for of our community for an accessible, affordable, yet quality training program which prompted thebeginning of Summer Program for Young Vocalists. The program has enhanced the skill

levels of aspiring singers and vocalists.
Above all it has given them a real sense of the opera world.

We want the program to be universally accessible, keeping up with our mission. In order to achieve this, we do lower or waive access fees where appropriate.