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A Note from our President

The president of Opera NOVA, Miriam Millerfeels that this opera company could be represented by the Statue of Liberty


Give Me Your Tired, your poor, Your hulled masses yearning to breathe free… I lift my lamp beside the golden shore.


Now that is quite a stretch but in fact the Opera Guild really bought into the motto coined by the Virginia Commission of the Arts that “Arts Build the Community.”    We understood that slogan to be referencing the free arts.   That reaction seemed to fit in with what Franklin D. Roosevelt told us:


“Inequality may linger in the world of material things, but great music, great literature, great art and the wonders of science are, and should be open to all.”


Our job is to open that door to those free arts for all, well as many people as we can reach.    We knew we had to raise money to cover costs of producing  operas, but our higher calling was to see that on the stage, behind the scenes, on the Board, in the audience things were  equal, inclusive, diverse and for all ages.  PLUS we had inherited a most unique assignment---continue to introduce all school children to the world of the performing arts by having them brought with their classes to attend after teacher preparation a live theater performance of a professional opera.  No longer would only certain “classes” get this introduction but all Children—not just the children  of the  “rich and famous” but all—even those whose parents   can’t speak English, whose Dad is out of a job, or  children “who would never go to an opera.” Leontyne Price




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